How to Support and Get Involved in Your Community

So, you've recently moved and are wanting to better acquaint yourself with local culture, or maybe you’re feeling increasingly frustrated with national politics and want to get involved with grassroots movements. It’s time to get involved with your community -

Contributing your time, energy, and love into your neighbors and community is the first step towards solidarity and a healthy, thriving social environment.

Finding supportive groups that are working towards a collective good are great ways to better know your neighbors and to start open-minded conversations. Whether you care about keeping our ecosystems clean or ensuring our students better education, there are many ways to get involved. 

We understand how intimidating the first step can be, but here are three easy ways to start contributing to tangible change and support for your local community. 

1. Volunteer with causes and organizations that you care about!

Looking for groups that care about local wildlife or maybe you’re a big-time advocate for food sustainability — whatever the cause may be, there are plenty of groups that are looking for volunteers, extra hands, and passionate people (like you!). To find location and cause specific groups and opportunities, we recommend using resources, such as VolunteerMatch, or even a quick Facebook or Google search can be helpful. Once you find an organization you’re hoping to volunteer for, sign up for their email subscription list or call their Volunteer Coordinator! There are often also age-specific groups, such as young professional groups, that could help you expand your philanthropic network. 

2. Attend city council meetings!

Another great way to get informed of local and current events in your city is by attending city council meetings. Visit your city’s website to find city hall meeting agendas; meetings are usually open to the public. City council meetings can be an amazing resource when you’re trying to learn about local movements, policy changes, city council members, and opportunities to get involved. 

During campaign season, city council candidates are often looking for volunteers to canvas, phonebank, and organize. Being active in local politics is a great way to leverage your support and advocate for causes you believe in. Visit the candidate’s website to find out more info on how to get involved.

3. Hire a ToDooly Doer. 

ToDooly is a company made up of students, thinkers, innovators, and neighbors. As we work towards becoming the largest professional development pipeline in the US, ToDooly continues to support young adults who are working towards their goals. When you book a job with ToDooly, you are not only booking a service, you’re supporting a young person in your neighborhood.  

ToDooly provides a flexible economic opportunity to local students and young people, while connecting them to their neighbors and community. Read about how ToDooly supported former-Doer Will through college and ultimately led him to his current career with ToDooly, or learn more about Doer Kameron who is able to continue pursuing professional baseball due to his work with ToDooly.

Support a local Doer, professional, baseball player, and dreamer today, and get stuff done. Simply click Post a Job above or call (313) 777 - 8052.

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Jamie Chen
Copywriting Intern
Jamie graduated from Wellesley College last year with a BA in Environmental Studies and minored in Chinese Language and Culture. Currently she is working as a program manager at a non-profit in Ventura County, advocating for affordable housing. She is always looking for opportunities to support art, culture, and environmental initiatives, and loves to read and do any arts and crafts in her free time!
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