Houston: Things to Do in Your Garden in June and July

With temperatures soaring well over 80 degrees in June and July, we can officially retire our beach trunks and bikinis from the closet and finally call it summer! The warm weather brings out the best in all of us — even in our green, leafy friends in our garden beds. Summer is the season of fruition and fresh beginnings, and that is especially true for Mother Nature. Check out these three projects you can do in your garden and backyard in the following few weeks!

1. Plant heat-tolerant vegetables

Grab your sunscreen and your favorite pair of sunnies — the sun is ablazin’! Though we might need to take preventative measures against the radiating UV, heat-resistant plants thrive under the warm summer sun. Get your seed-starting soil and egg cartons out; it’s time to plant our summer-time favorites, such as okra, hot peppers, eggplant, and basil! Other summertime fruit and veg include sweet potatoes, tomatillo, sweet potatoes, and long yard beans.  

2. Harvest your veg and fruits for the most epic summer salad

Nothing is more satisfying than making the best summer salad from freshly picked herbs, veg, and fruit from your own backyard. Check out this awesome salad recipe that utilizes summer-specific ingredients that you might find in your own backyard. Don’t let your hard yard work go to waste; harvesting your blooming plants also increases plant longevity.  

Tip: Make sure to continuously trim and weed your plants to maintain your garden health!

3. Get your outdoor patio summer-ready

With the aroma of freshly blooming roses and strawberries sprouting from the ground, backyard barbeques and get-togethers will be welcoming and warm. Get your backyard prepped for a summer full of laughter shared amongst family and friends in your beautiful, blooming garden. Whether you need outdoor patio furniture assembled or your backyard cleaned and cleared, ToDooly Doers are ready to jump in and get you situated. 

This summer, focus on friends, family, and fun. Leave the weeding and gardening to us at ToDooly — you deserve it. Click "Post a Job" above to book a gardening job with a Doer or call (313) 777-8052.

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Jamie Chen
Copywriting Intern
Jamie graduated from Wellesley College last year with a BA in Environmental Studies and minored in Chinese Language and Culture. Currently she is working as a program manager at a non-profit in Ventura County, advocating for affordable housing. She is always looking for opportunities to support art, culture, and environmental initiatives, and loves to read and do any arts and crafts in her free time!
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