Meet Will Barwick

When Sergio, CEO of ToDoolie, was preparing a team for the business launch in Houston, Will Barwick was one of the first to come to mind.

Will first met Sergio when he was working as a ToDoolie Helper; Will had been hired by a homeowner in Detroit for a lawn clean-up job and Sergio had fatefully stopped by. By the end of the conversation and after Sergio had shared his insight and goals for ToDoolie’s future, Will felt deeply connected with ToDoolie’s efforts towards an accessible professional development pipeline. Will especially resonated with ToDoolie’s work in connecting and empowering individuals and community.

For eight years prior, Will aspired to make his mark in culinary arts and throughout high school and college, Will worked in kitchens - doing what he loved. However, Will wanted to explore more of his interests and professional pathways. When Will first started picking up jobs as a ToDoolie Helper, he was in the middle of a career change and was enticed by ToDoolie’s business model that encouraged individuals with flexibility and self-reliance. Introduced to ToDoolie through Amy Benson, another ToDoolie Helper turned full-time employee, Will was allured by the networking opportunities that ToDoolie provided.

Don’t worry - Will hasn’t left the cooking scene forever. He’s still cooking, recipe developing, and even working on his own brand and books. So keep an eye out for Chef Will!

Despite how intimidating it can be to take hiatus on a long-term passion, Will continued to assert that he would find his niche in business and tech, and soon, found that within ToDoolie. During his transition, Will remembers being hired as an event Helper, where he helped set-up and takedown for events with Tech Town at Wayne State. At these events, Will completed his tasks as a Helper, but was also able to meet small business owners and leaders that inspired Will to continue in his long-term career goals.

Working as a ToDoolie Helper also allowed Will a more diverse experience in connecting with the Detroit community. Will was able to meet all kinds of people throughout Detroit by completing jobs in the city, whether it be cleaning garages or pruning rose gardens. Through fostering those conversations and connections, Will was able to grow his network and his understanding of Detroit’s cultural landscape.

He says, “one of the greatest things about ToDoolie is the opportunity for a fulfilling and enriching experience because you have the chance to meet someone from your neighborhood. The whole experience for both parties is more personal compared to going through the contractor route.”

As he looked to transition towards the field of business and information systems management, Will knew that with his technical skills in data analytics, as well as a love of people and community, he could work towards becoming an integral component in ToDoolie’s future success - and that is what he did. For three months, Will worked as a ToDoolie Helper completing odd-jobs throughout Detroit. At the same time, Will began to work closely with ToDoolie staff in bettering customer support. ToDoolie’s staff and CEO recognized Will’s work and passion towards ToDoolie’s growth, and began to embrace him as an essential teamplayer in the company.

While achieving his Masters in Data Science and Business Analytics at Wayne State University, Will is currently operating out of Houston since February as ToDoolie’s Client Acquisition and Growth Specialist. Most of his day is spent making ToDoolie more accessible for homeowners to book jobs! Currently, he is working on a doorknob hanger campaign that will increase ToDoolie’s exposure to homeowners who might not be familiar with ToDoolie. He is able to apply his data analytics background when developing strategies to hire and manage Helpers as well as automating data collection and entries of hanger jobs.

But it is not only Will's multifaceted ability and ambition that has landed him at the forefront of ToDoolie’s operations, but also, his dedication to the idea that growth and change are essential in driving success.

At ToDoolie, we embrace individuality and the importance of personal growth. From our Helpers to staff, we advocate the necessity of forward thinking and finding creative solutions, especially in the face of adversity. Will’s story is a testament to how drive, passion, and a supportive team can pave opportunities, both on an individual and community level.

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Jamie Chen
Copywriting Intern
Jamie graduated from Wellesley College last year with a BA in Environmental Studies and minored in Chinese Language and Culture. Currently she is working as a program manager at a non-profit in Ventura County, advocating for affordable housing. She is always looking for opportunities to support art, culture, and environmental initiatives, and loves to read and do any arts and crafts in her free time!
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