Meet Amy Benson

Two years ago, in the few months preceding the global shut-down, Amy Benson was spending her afternoons in backyards like yours - repotting plants, removing pesky weeds from garden beds, and trimming rose bushes. Amy describes her work with ToDoolie as always “being surrounded by beautiful objects, beautiful flowers, and beautiful scenery.”

Amy first began picking up jobs with ToDoolie as a way to earn extra money, but she was also able to experience her community and expand her network in ways she didn’t have access to before. Amy recounts her time working with homeowners throughout Detroit with love and appreciation. She says “the homeowners always treated me so well; I was always given water and food, and sometimes offered internships. They treated me like their own child or grandchild - and they really inspired me.”

During the first few months of the pandemic, homeowners were in need of extra hands around the backyard and Amy helped to fill that gap. She made it her personal mission to assist her community and pick up as many jobs  as possible. ToDoolie recognized Amy’s diligence, self-motivation, and passion and soon, Amy became acquainted with ToDoolie’s internal staff. Since then, Amy was brought on as an intern and then the Helper Recruitment and Development Lead, where she supported marketing campaigns, created partnerships with local business, and assisted with helper acquisition. She also continued to support her community by advocating the importance of job flexibility and dependability for students. She frequented Wayne State’s campus as a ToDoolie liaison to share ToDoolie’s job opportunities and her own testimony and success with being a ToDoolie Helper.

Through the pandemic and at a safe distance, Amy persevered to support homeowners with tasks that needed to be completed in the yard. All the while, Amy was continuing her education at Wayne State and recently, achieved a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology! While working with ToDoolie and studying at Wayne State, Amy was also able to support her extracurriculars and hobbies through the money she earned with ToDoolie. And in rare instances of free time, Amy surrounded herself with all things fitness and health, whether it be rock-climbing or going to the gym. Now post-undergrad, Amy is looking forward to new opportunities to further her professional career and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

Amy’s story and character embodies the passionate and diligent energy we want to disseminate and harness here at ToDoolie - we are a team made up of students, motivators, and self-made individuals looking to connect communities. Book a job today, support Helpers like Amy, and get things done!

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Jamie Chen
Copywriting Intern
Jamie graduated from Wellesley College last year with a BA in Environmental Studies and minored in Chinese Language and Culture. Currently she is working as a program manager at a non-profit in Ventura County, advocating for affordable housing. She is always looking for opportunities to support art, culture, and environmental initiatives, and loves to read and do any arts and crafts in her free time!
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