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Key benefits

Be your own boss
Browse our job board and pick up the jobs that work with your schedule.
The more you work, the more you earn
Start at $12/hour, earn XP for every hour you work, and level-up to $23/hour.
Build local connections
Help out your neighbors and build your local network.
How it works

What you will be doing


Select the jobs you want to work. You’ll browse all our available jobs in the ToDooly app and can select any that work with your schedule.


Go to the job, work hard, ask questions, and make sure it’s done right. You’ll clock-in through the ToDooly app and the Patron will greet you at their door to give you any tools and guidance you need.


Get paid within 1 business day. After you clock-out through the app, your payment will start getting processed and will show up in your ToDooly Wallet within a business day.


16+ years old

Legally authorized to work in the U.S.

Have access to reliable transportation

How to apply

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Download the ToDooly Doer app


Fill out your application, complete a quick quiz, and submit a couple of video submissions


Chat with a member of our team in a short 15 minute interview


Start earning money!

How has ToDooly impacted you?

“One of the greatest things about ToDooly is the opportunity for a fulfilling and enriching experience because you have the chance to meet someone from your neighborhood. The whole experience for both parties is more personal compared to going through the contractor route.”

Will Barwick, Former Super Doer

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you need answers to.

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How much will I get paid?

All ToDooly Doers start at Level 1 making $12/hour. For every hour you work, you will earn 33 XP. Once you accumulate enough XP, you will level-up and earn a higher hourly rate! For example, to get to Level 2 ($15/hour) you need to earn 99 XP by working for 3 hours. The highest level you can reach is Level 10, where you'll make $23/hour!

What kind of jobs will I do?

Yard work, cleaning, organizing, and moving are our most popular job types. Patrons ask for help with a variety of different tasks, but most often they fall within those categories.

What rules does ToDooly have?

We have two main rules: show up on time (better yet, early) and show up with a positive attitude. If you don’t go to a job you’ve accepted, cancel on a job within 24 hours of the start time, or arrive over 30 minutes late to a job, your account may be suspended. Suspended accounts may be reactivated after a suspension review meeting with one of our team members.

When can I start doing jobs?

You can start doing jobs after you’ve completed our application process which typically takes a week. This process is simple and has only 4 steps: application form, video submissions, interview, and Level 1 trial job.


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