Our story

ToDooly was born not just from an idea, but an experience. Sergio Rodriguez, our Founder, paid his way through college by doing odd jobs for his neighbors. Sergio was able to pay for his studies without sacrificing them and he began to realize that what he was doing had real potential to become a business of its own. Sergio met his cofounders Armando Arteaga and Jose Romo-Puerta and together they took Sergio’s experience doing odd jobs to pay for college and turned it into ToDooly.

ToDooly’s mission is to help more young adults who are working to pursue their goals. Too often opportunities to further your career are gatekept by two things: money and connections. We aim to solve those problems. The first, by providing a flexible and well-paying work opportunity that is available to anyone, regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic status. As for the second, connections, we’re on track to become the largest professional development pipeline in the United States. Our goal is to provide not only community connection by working locally, but also to provide our Doers with professional development opportunities such as networking events, resume building, and professional references.

We have serviced over 490 homeowners and have more than 450 active Doers. Just this year we launched in Houston and are now checking off ToDo’s in two cities. Through these efforts, we hope to build a future where success is based on merit and merit alone.

"By providing professional development and formative work experiences, young adults from all communities will have the ability to pursue their dreams.”
- Sergio Rodriguez, CEO
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Sergio Rodriguez
Co-Founder & CEO
Armando Arteaga
Co-founder & Full Stack Developer
José Romo-Puerta
Co-Founder & Helper Engagement
Will Barwick
Growth Analyst
Daniel Fogarty
VP of Operations
Guneet Ghotra
Design Director
Frances MacKethan
Strategy Analyst
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Work from anywhere in the world, with flexible work hours, based
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Take time off whenever you need and have the work-life balance you’ve always dreamed of.
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We want you to learn new skills--whether it’s the piano or Java Script. Learn, on company money.